Just Ask!


Ever wish someone would show you how to use a curling wand?  Or how to tease your hair?  Braid it?  Or better yet, show your pre-teen?  How about make-up techniques like contouring?  Or just help on how to mainstream your hair and make-up so it doesn't take so long in the mornings?


We can help!  Just ask!  That's what we are here for, that's our job.  You can set a time for a private session or make it a girl's night. 

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Don't Cry


Bad hair happens to good people.  Bad colour more often than anyone would like.  We understand that there are really bad hairdressers.  We even can sympathize with a box job gone awry.  But don't walk around hating your hair, thinking it will fade or you'll let it grow out.  LET US FIX IT!  And colour correction doesn't mean damaged ends and dry, lifeless hair.  There are lots of options, and we offer free consultations.  Come in and fall in love with your hair again.

Seriously, Don't Suffer

There's nothing worse than bad hair.  A botched colour, crappy cut, or so much damage the only styling you do is a pony tail and hope no one notices. There is no reason you should hate your hair!!  Don't think it's hopeless (or embarrassing!), or too expensive-- and no we won't cut it all off!!  From products to salon services, we have you covered, but until you come in and talk to us, we can't do anything. 

Fusion extensions are available.  Please come in for a consultation.  It is really impossible to give a quote about your hair if we can't see it!!